First Modular System based around Qu-Bit

Hi all, I’m setting up my very first modular based around a few QU-Bit modules. Initially I want to start with Chord + Bloom + Databender. I really know very little but starting a Eurorack workshop tomorrow - but the workshop is based around more traditional modules. I’ll have case/power knowledge sorted there.

Is this trio (Chord + Bloom + Databender) enough to get started and have fun or will I need something else (VCA?). I’ve already got a 4ms Listen Four and a Soma Pulsar 23 drum machine.

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Hey @mswbarker, welcome to the forum and to the world of modular!

I’m stoked to see you are taking the initial dip with Chord, Bloom, and Data Bender. You can get a lot of awesome sounds using those three. My comments on your question are below. It’s a lot of info, but I hope it is helpful!

TLDR: a VCA or VCA/Envelope combo module and a modulation source would be great additions to these modules! A filter would also be nice, but is lower on the priority list imo.


I’m sure your workshop will cover the essentials, but some good additions to these modules would be:

  • a VCA (to shape Chord into stabs, wubs, and pads)
  • a filter (to create filtered sounds, and perform subtractive synthesis)
  • some modulation (to automate changes in your sound, aka what modular is all about!)

Of these three categories, I’d say the filter is the least important. Being a wavetable oscillator, Chord can produce a lot of timbres on its own without filtering. If you are looking to patch more traditional subtractive synthesis with your modular, then a filter would be a desired addition.

To Quad, or not to Quad?

You can use chord as a singular voice, and have a single VCA like Cascade, which is a VCA/Envelope combo utility, or you can pick up a quad VCA and quad envelope module to take advantage of Chord’s 4 voices.

You will also want a quad Mixer if you are going that route, so you can bring your 4 voices to 2 channels before running them into Data Bender.


This is the best part of modular! Definitely look into a modulation source that can provide a lot of variation to your patching.

Bloom is a modulation source itself, being a CV and gate sequencer. I sometimes like to set up one channel of Bloom as my traditional sequencer, and the second channel as a modulation source (messing with the ratcheting and slew per step can lead to some fun clock synced modulation!).

As mentioned earlier, Cascade and other envelope modules are modulation sources.

Random/stochastic modulation sources like Chance are popular as well, especially if you are looking to create generative music.

Perhaps this was a bit more info than you were looking for, but I hope it is helpful nonetheless! Definitely ask any other questions, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks Michael, very helpful. As it happens I’ve already come across and snapped up a Cascade, Chance and Scanned locally (Melbourne, Australia) just because I could.

With Chord’s voices - do they all come through it’s mix and I would want a Quad to be able to shape/modulate the individual voices? What Quad do you recommend?

BTW I’m into a glitchy generative drone cake sorta sound drawing from early Mego recordings and 1970’s improvised Japanese and minimalist percussion…and Merzbow and Sunn0))

…and considering 80-100HP of qu-bit

Thanks again,Matt

Yes, all 4 voices are summed mono out of the Mix output, and are also sent to their individual outputs.

If you are looking to do quad subtractive synthesis with Chord, while keeping it Qu-Bit, we have both Contour and Tone available. Synapse can also work as a quad mixer/VCA on top of being a sequential switch. There are also plenty of non Qu-Bit solutions for this too, so make sure you pick up the modules you are most interested in!

Thanks again Michael. Here’s my current concept:

Power consumption is 897 mA/+12V & 313 mA/12V
I intend on using an ALM Busy-Circuits 52HP 6U case that provides up to 1 Amp power on each -12V & +12V rail

Also intend on using an Oxi One for sequencing

Other gear I already have to use with this system:
Meng Qi Wing Pinger Synth
Soma Pulsar 23 Drum machine
Make Noise 0-Ctrl

What do you reckon before I pull the trigger?


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This looks like an awesome system! This in combination with the Oxi One and 0-Ctrl will get you a lot of playability and sound variety, especially with 3 sound sources in there. No notes here, I’d love to patch with this system :slight_smile:

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