Feature request: looper

I’d like the option to have bend or break events occuring in a repeating fashion that spans over - let’s say for example - 1 to 4 bars (based on the time parameter), as an option to being continuously randomized. (To my ears, this is the current functionality, no?).

In other words, the timing of a bend or a break can still be randomized, but as the loop repeats itself these randomized events are performed the same way across the loop.

Just to clarify, I don’t mean that the recording buffer needs to be involved in the looping, just the way that the effects are triggered. Hope this makes sense and is doable!

Thanks for a great module, and keep up the good work!

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Hey @Frukost, this is a neat idea for a new feature! Currently, just about every control including shift functions are taken up on Data Bender.

But, this could be an alternate firmware option. One where we swap out a couple controls and incorporate a “Turing machine” style random generator, where you can lock a section of random modulation in place. Perhaps an alternate Freeze feature? Either way, we’ll keep it in mind for a future firmware installation!

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Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, an alternative firmware would be incredibly nice.

Off the top of my head, I can’t say what buttons or pots should be used, but I think only two controls are necessary for the interface. If I could suggest something it would be:

  • A toggle that let’s you activate/deactivate the looping. Whenever the loop is activated it records the bend/break manips, and once it reaches the loop end point the recording finishes and switches to playing back the mangling. Deactivating the loop takes the user back to the modules regular functionality.
  • A pot for determining loop length (in terms of number of bars, for example).
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I agree with the controls! My suggested solution would be:

  • change the LED dimmer control (Shift+Repeats) to control the loop length
  • add a new Freeze function that only freezes the modulation loop while not freezing the audio
  • add an option that freezes both the modulation loop and the audio. These would be accessed by cycling through the Shift+Freeze options.

I’ll run this by our engineering team to see its feasibility and what a timeline would look like for this!

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Very cool ideas! Appreciate the feedback.

I just thought of yet another alternative: A toggle button is perhaps not even necessary, considering that a loop length of 0 in effect disables the looping functionality. Conversely, any loop length greater that 0 would automatically enable the loop recording/playback. That could save the toggle button.

If the ability to dim the LEDs will be replaced by the loop length selector, could the LEDs be set to a brightness level between lowest and highest as a compromise?

Thanks in advance!