FDN Verb - Aurora Alternate Firmware

Hey Everyone!

I’m very excited to announce that we have officially released Aurora’s first alternate firmware today: FDN Verb!

FDN Verb is a Feedback Delay Network reverb algorithm for the Aurora platform. Think of it as your bread and butter end of chain reverb, with a few tricks up its sleeve. Alongside incredibly present room reverbs, and wide lush halls, FDN Verb gives you control over highpass and lowpass filtering of the reverb, pitch modulation, and a separate input level knob from Mix, all for dialing in the perfect reverb to complement your sound.

You can check out our overview video here:
FDN Verb Overview

Head on over to the FDN Verb page to download the firmware, check out the quickstart guide, and more!
Let us know what you think, and feel free to share your first patch here with FDN Verb!

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This is really exciting! Is there a specific way the USB drive should be formatted (ExFAT, FAT32)?? When I plugged it into my Mac (Big Sur 11.5.2), I got an error message that it was an unrecognizable drive. I formatted the drive as ExFat, placed the FDN .bin file on and rebooted Aurora, but it didn’t seem to install the firmware. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

The flash drive should be formatted as FAT32.

Let me know if that fixes the issue!

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You rule, Andrew - that worked! Thanks so much, looking forward to using this!!

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Perhaps this is one area where iOS is better than pc/Mac. I simply downloaded the firmware to my Dropbox, plugged the usb into a lightning adapter and just moved the firmware onto it; put the usb back into Aurora, and powered up. Simple!

This is the lush cavernous reverb I had been looking for (see my ‘heresy’ topic). Can’t wait for the next bright idea!


The FDN Verb is in part what I was hoping for out of Aurora. The OG spectral reverb is pretty specific but this is much more versatile for me and Ali da great. I only have a couple items on my wish list fore firer iterations. Perhaps they could be addressed as configurable by way f a text file on the USB stick.

  1. An option to allow the dry signal to continue to be affected by reverb effect after hitting freeze. Effectively freezing a state of the reverb trail, but still getting that lush reverb on any sound that continues to pass through the effect.

  2. An option to change the behaviour of the Pitch (warp) knob to be more like a pitch shifter of the verb effect instead of a pitch modulation effect (shimmer). So you could “play” a secondary sequence on the wet signal, or on a frozen state while the other dry signal comes through. Also, would be cool to have interval zones (iE hold shift while turning the knob to cycle through triad, perfect fifth, octave intervals).

The beauty and potential of this module will hopefully be revealed as firmware updates and developers start creating new instruments on kt.

Thanks for a great module. Looking forward to seeing what’s possible.

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Just a tiny niggle with the FDN update: every time I start the system up, FDN opens in reverse mode. It’s not a major problem (just press the button) but it is odd.

Is it just me, or is everyone seeing this?

FDN Verb, like Aurora, has persistent memory. This means that it’ll “remember” whatever the module state was between power cycles. It could be for some reason that your module is remembering reverse being on, which is quite strange had you just flashed the firmware.

It’s a super easy fix though! Just boot up your module, turn off reverse, and hold the shift button for a few seconds. Holding shift will refresh FDN Verb’s internal save state, and you should now be able to boot up your module not in reverse. If it doesn’t work the first time, it could be a timing issue with the button press, so give it a couple tries if that’s the case.

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There is an overlay available but will be also “standard” black front panels availabe for the users using Aurora with FDN only?

That is a great question!
We had not thought about that.

If there’s enough interest, we could certainly do that.


Would be great if a FDN plate would be available in the future. FDN is a great reverb and why not an aurora + fdn in the case …