Easter Egg Nautilus found?

Hey !

I think i found an Easter Egg for the Nautilus !

It changes it in a submarine oscillator with different sonar flavours :stuck_out_tongue:

Just old the Tap Tempo button with the Delay Mode and the Feedback Mode buttons for 5sec and the UI will display a green animated line.

By pressing the tap tempo at different speed we can manage a sort of octave articulation and there are some waveshape features with Chroma/Depth.

Also, i find a sort of detuning harmonic mode with sensor (which i guess put some other oscillators ) and dispersal :slight_smile:

Delay and Feedback mode seem to add different tastes of it too :slight_smile:

I try to V/Oct the dispersal but it’s quite atonal ^^

I think we need to talk QU-Bit !! :smiley: We all need to know more :slight_smile:



Hey @RaphP, great find! As far as we can tell, you are the first to publicly acknowledge the Nautilus Submarine Mode Easter Egg! Congrats :tada:

I sent you a DM, we’d love to send something your way as a token of our gratitude :slight_smile:


Well I’ll be… it worked!

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Now the easter egg has been discovered, it now needs Qu-bit to release a schematic to explain how it all works!


As far as I can tell, this mode simply disables the audio inputs and emits a submarine sonar pulse sound at the clock rate. You can hear the raw sound with mix all the way down. Otherwise, turn the mix up and I’m pretty sure everything else works the same. It’s a little tricky because you can’t see the chroma color in this mode, and the low-pass and high-pass chromas don’t add much to this basic sound. But the distortions and wavefolding FX all seem to be there and do fun things.

Seems like a good way to make some ambient drone stuff without an audio input.

Great discovery! Really enjoyed fooling around with nautilus solo:-) thanks!!!

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