Data Bender: odd occasional phasing / filter artifact with freeze

I was noticing an odd behavior in Data Bender where a freeze would have an inconsistent effect like a 2nd copy of the sound, shifted slightly in phase. This is in macro mode with bend & break turned off, and corrupt & mix at 0% (so mix goes to 100% when freeze is engaged). It sounds somewhat similar to being in micro mode with mix at 50% and the bend knob just a hair off of 12o’clock. It didn’t happen every time I engaged freeze, though, so it was tough to narrow down.

After going a bit crazy and wondering if it was some sort of dry/wet calibration issue or button vs cv issue, it seemed like was only happening when I was using Tempi as the external clock. Tempi by default uses a 50% duty cycle clock pulse, and with 1PPQN, those can be fairly long. I switched Tempi to 10ms duty cycles and the problem seemed to go away!

So anyway, I don’t know if this is something unique to my unit or what, but I thought I’d share.

*Edit: after messing around with it some more, I’m not sure the clock duty cycle completely fixes it. I’m curious if others have noticed a similar effect w/ freeze.

Hey @mattlongest, welcome to the forum!

There is a chance that your Data Bender isn’t going 100% wet, which could be a knob CV/calibration issue.

Let’s try flashing this firmware onto your Data Bender and see if that alleviates the issue!

Download the firmware: Data_Bender_v1_4_7.bin (69.5 KB)

Watch the How-To-Flash video:

Just know that this firmware is still in development, and not officially released. If you come across any issues while using this firmware, I recommend swapping back to the most recent official firmware, v1.4.5.

Let me know if this helps with the phasing!

Wow! Thanks @michael !
So far, I haven’t been able to repro the issue with the new firmware flashed!
FWIW, with the old firmware, I was even hearing the issue after engaging freeze and disconnecting the audio input. I had also originally thought it must be a dry/wet calibration issue, but that made me less convinced.
At any rate, thanks for the firmware!

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So glad it worked out! We are hoping to officially release this firmware with a few other additions in the next couple months, so expect to update again when it is released.