Data Bender not stereo


Ive tested before posting a lot in my chain what was going on.I put a signal in the left input and a signal in the right input. Drums from the digitakt. When I pan a snare to the left and right I notice its not stereo. Does data bender make 2 lines left and right input mono? I understand that when wet it does some things with pannning but completely dry its not stereo in my case. Is this normal?


Hey @onderbox, great question! Data Bender features true stereo audio IO, and does not sum mono. If you have patch cables in both the left and right input channels, you should have independent channels.

The left input normals to the right output channel when no patch cable is present in the right input channel, so that should be the only case where the input would sound mono.

If you are still having issues with your Data Bender, I recommend reaching out to our support team! I sent you a DM with information on how to move forward with your issue.

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