Data bender keeps on making noise

I have a patch that modulates time, and when I do this, the data bender never stops making noise, even when no audio input is present.
I see this statement in the manual:

The buffer space located outside of the current section set by time is written to in the background so that some fairly recent audio is always in the buffer when time is changed. This can bring back sounds from up to a minute ago in unexpected and interesting ways.

But this is lasting far longer than a minute. Is this to be expected?
I don’t guess there’s any secret way to purge the audio buffer entirely?
(I have seen a similar issue with nautilus hitting purge doesn’t actually clear the delay lines)


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Is there are chance that your Corrupt knob is up? In Decimate Mode, the added noise in each knob position will continue to output regardless of input. Same with the Vinyl mode.

I will have to get back to you… i can’t seem to recreate the problem today!