Data bender Freeze and mix knob

I have a question about the Freeze in Data Bender. It states in the manual that if you engage Freeze with the Mix knob set to fully dry it automatically jumps to fully wet. Is the same true if the Mix knob is set to say 12 0’clock? Or will it be a 50/50 blend of live-audio and frozen buffer then?


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Hey @Hysterik, welcome to the forum! Yes, Mix behaves exactly how you described it in its current firmware.

Is there a way to turn the wet signal down when having when freezing with the mix knob all the way left? I find that when I hit freeze, the wet signal sounds louder than the dry signal. It’s a bit jarring and I would love a way to soften the wet signal a bit.

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Currently, there is no way to individually mix the dry and wet signals. Since every tactile button combo is currently in use on Data Bender, adding this feature would likely be an alternate firmware that strictly focuses on audio levels throughout Data Bender. Kind of like a Micro Mode for mixing!

I can chat with the dev team about the feasibility of doing a firmware like this, though we are currently in the deep end of development on some new projects :slight_smile: