Control decay times with a Gate or trigger for Chord?

Is there a way to control decay and release times within Chord? The v/oct works for input, but I can’t figure out how to get shorter notes. Do I need a separate ADSR module? I’m relatively new to this, so excuse me if my terminology is wonky. I’m loving both the bloom and chord. Just trying to wrap my head around it all.

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@CrashCadet Hey! I’d be happy to help you out. If you are only using Bloom and Chord in this patch, you’ll definitely want an envelope generator and VCA in the mix. Chord is a freerunning polyphonic oscillator and requires external amplitude modulation to shape the sound.

Cascade is perfect for this since it has both in a single module! It isn’t the only module to have done this, but Cascade has a ton of utility that’ll really travel in your modular journey (ratcheting envelope, all the envelopes, envelope follower, compressor, VCA, and more). If you want to go full subtractive synthesis you can add a filter as well!

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@CrashCadet, to add to what @michael said—we’re really talking about the joy of synthesis here.
It’s great fun to let a free-running oscillator (like Chord) drone into effects and creative modulation gestures, but also so fun to shape your gates or triggers with envelopes, VCA’s, low-pass gates, filters, etc. Welcome to the final frontier of sound design!


@Johno definitely! I’m realizing eurorack is a process of expectation-management, and learning to balance between control and chaos, embracing both.

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You are now learning the golden rule of Eurorack… for every module you aquire, you will require a further two to get the most out of it!