Cascade Sounds and Reverse Envelope

Can we get an update with additional percussive sounds? Something like MI Peaks’ would be choice.

A mode that switches the invert function to a reverse function where the envlope runs backwards or swaps attack for decay would be cool.

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These are great ideas!

We contemplated additional percussive sounds during development but didn’t want it to get confusing.

Would you prefer the additional sounds are added so that you can sequentially access up to 8 sounds, or some sort of bank organization, where you load in 4 at a time?

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4 sounds and banks if it meant higher resolution sounds otherwise I’d want all 8 accessible without flashing the module.

8-bit sounds, (lo-fi) drum or vocal samples, or user created sounds would be top notch. I haven’t read into what generates sound on the Cascade though so 90% of that might be 100% irrelevant.

A mode that makes the envelope an exponential curve with sound switching under CV/curve knob control would be something fantastic. Imagining frenetic “hi-hat” sounds.

Thanks for the sweet modules and checking in with the community.