Can Chord 2 handle glides/ portamento?

Is there a way to use glide from sequencer into the chord module ? I think it is not possible because of the internal quantization ? Maybe you could add an adjustable glide amount ? Or did I miss something ?

Hey @Flamusic, welcome to the forum! Chord can receive glide pitch data when the internal quantization is turned off. When the internal quantization is turned on, it will step through the glide data as quantized notes. If you want both quantization and glide, then you will need to:

  1. quantize your sequence
  2. apply the glide (these first 2 steps can usually be done on your sequencer)
  3. patch the v/oct out into Chord with Harm mode off.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you for your answer.
Yes i now that way its working.
But its really handy to have the scale quantization turned on.
Any chance to add some glide feature into the chord ?