BugFix Request: Prism attenuating the incoming audio when any filter mode is active

Anyone else having issues with Prism attenuating the incoming audio? The audio is quieter when any of the filters are active. For instance, even with the filter being fully open with 0 resonance in LP mode, incoming audio is attenuated compared to going directly from sound source to the mixer.

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Yeah, noticeably so. I screwed around with the input level adjustment and got maybe 3db more out of it but it still sounds quieter than direct to me.

Not sure if it’s possible but a gradual freeze that started with higher frequencies first could be cool.

Hi actually I just noticed the similar issue on my Prism and found this thread. I use the comb filter as delay and when I turn the comb knob clockwise the audio gets slightly quieter. Also (I could be wrong about this) the audio goes slightly off pitched, or it sounds like I’m modulating the time knob even though I don’t.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

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Yeah, same thing when turning up comb.

Are firmware updates even possible with the Prism? There isn’t a USB jack or pins for a programmer… maybe through one of the audio inputs?

Anyway, I wish they would add the corrupt options from the Data Bender as options for the decimate control in Prism. are you listening Qu-Bit? :slight_smile:

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Oh, also, it seems as though every once in a while, Prism will spontaneously reset the time parameters… I clock externally, do not adjust the time pot, but occasionally the Prism makes it sound like the time pot is rapidly turned, then turned back, making that wild pitch effect.

(Also sorry for hijacking this post and turning it into a Prism bugfix/wishlist.)