Bloom sequencing standalone synths through midi?

Hi! I’m relatively new to all of this, and am trying to get my toys to all play together. I’m wanted to sequence my Yamaha Reface CP and am wondering if I can run it via the Bloom or what I’d need to get the two of them to communicate. Sorry about the softball question, and thanks!

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Hey @boilingsky, welcome to the forum! It is totally possible to sequence your Reface CP with Bloom, but you will need a CV to MIDI converter to make it happen. Luckily there are a few options out there to get the job done. You can always search modular grid, and search for a “CV to MIDI” module.

Or you can look at options like the Doepfer A-192-2:

Or the Kenton Pro CV To MIDI converter:

Any of these options should get the job done!


Thanks! Will probably pick up the Kenton - seems like it’ll do the job and I’m out of hp on my little rig. Appreciate the help!