Bloom scaling problems

Hi there, I’m having problems with the scales in Bloom.
In A minor all works perfectly fine. Turning the root to C, in minor scale, using the encoders to program notes, the scale I’m seeing is not Cminor. Eb is simply skipped, the enocoders go from D to F.

In B minor C# is skipped and F is a natural F (and not an F#).

C# major scale goes from C#, D (instead of D#) E (instead of F), F (instead of F#).
Other major scales also don’t make sense.

Am I doing something wrong here?
I’ve recalibrated my Bloom according to the manual, and I’ve also succesfully updated the firmware to the latest one.

Thanks for looking into this!

Hey @MelMo, welcome to the forum! To confirm, are you changing the root note on your sound source, or on Bloom? The Root knob on Bloom changes the root diatonically, which is why it would only play notes found in the A minor scale. And, if you are only switching to a major scale via the scale setting on Bloom, It would only output notes in the A major scale. Let me know if this is the case!