Bloom - Does [Root] CV respond to 1v/Octave?

I am wondering with Bloom’s [root] cv responds to 1v/oct. Mine does not seem to be. I am hoping to use a keyboard to transpose the sequence as needed. Is this possible?


I haven’t gotten to the bottom of this but with mine it doesn’t respond to 1v/oct when the root knob is turned all the way down. With the root knob turned to about noon it worked…

I guess that makes sense in some respects… the Root notes are not a fixed set of chromatic values. They depend on the selected scale. It’s strange there is not some sort of quantizer function in there that would allow volts/Oct but quantize to the selected scale.
I am very new to modular synthesis so maybe I need to embrace the chaos more… lol. I was attempting to run a sequence, then periodically move it up a 5th or down a 3rd… something like that with keyboard CV. I suppose there are other ways…

Hey @troach242 good question! Your Bloom’s Root CV input should respond to 1V/oct. If it is not, it may need to be recalibrated

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The response to 1v/oct CV is sort of unpredictable across the scale.
In CHROMATIC scale, most notes track from C1-C5, but a few are strangely off. From C1-E2 its good, then F2, F#2, G2 are a mess, then all seems ok G#2-C5… I wonder if Qu-Bit can run some internal team tests on this.
I understand software can have some quarks, and I am happy to do more comprehensive testing with your team on this and a few other things if it is going to lead to fixes. I know everyone has their hands full, but it will take time for me to set up test cases and walk through them to publish results. I really like this module and enjoy spending my time patching and listening to its fun melodies. I am open to connecting with the product dev team to take a look.