Aurora "frozen on white"

I bought Data Bender, Nautilus and Aurora recently. Outstanding modules.
I have a problem with Aurora, which has frozen completely. It’s the exact same problem @compositeur had with the Nautilus, back in June 15. I watch his short video and my Aurora does the same as his on power up.

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Hey @flateric1, welcome to the forum! If you are having the same issue shown in the Nautilus thread, I recommend reaching out to our support team to get your Aurora sorted out. I sent a DM with further details on how to proceed!

I had this problem with the one of the two Nebulae I had in one cabinet (they would switch sometimes) with a bunch of other digital effects modules. I figured out it was due to turn on power surges. I could turn the cabinet off and right back on and there would be no problem. This is because the caps in the modules had time to charge and still held the charge during the next boot cycle. I am not familiar with the Aurora enough to know, but the Nebulae has a internal switch that can choose to run off the +5V directly instead of converting the +12V itself. This gives less of a load on the +12V supply on turn on. Another solution is to make or buy a module like the Synthrotek Turn module, which is a simple 4PST switch that allows powering up a module after all the rest of the cabinet has been powered. Easy to make.

Hey @Ersatzplanet , thanks so much for the information. I reached out to the support team and they came back really fast. they are leaning towards a problem with the daisy seed. Ill keep the forum updated with progress.