Any more Aurora firmwares on the way?

FDN Verb is a great alt firmware for the Aurora - are any more firmwares coming?

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Hey @soiks, welcome to the forum! I’m glad you like FDN Verb for Aurora :slight_smile:

We would love to bring more alternate firmwares to the Aurora platform, as well as our other effect modules, and definitely plan on it.

If you haven’t checked it out lready, I recommend trying out @pj4533’s Aurora alternate oscillator firmware here: Aurora SDK/Development questions

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Hey @michael and @soiks,
I am also interested in new alternative firmwares for the Aurora. Especially I would be interested in variations of the existing spectral reverb, because at the moment I find the “blur” parameter a little bit hard to use.

Another interesting idea would be different mode for nautilus with the ability to patch the Aurora into the feedback path.

It sounds great, but I just flashed a user-created firmware to a versio module and it died. So my fingers are a little crispy, and I think I’ll wait for an official firmware.