A Chord V2 Feature Worth Adding

Hi! I love the chord v2 and have been using it since release. In my opinion, this module is 1 feature away from being the ultimate chord module: 5 Oscillator per Voice Unison Detune.

Unison Detune Mode Explaination
I might be a bit confusing to explain what I mean here as the chord V2 already has a ‘unison’ mode. The effect I’m referring to would take each of the 4 individual chord voices, duplicate each of them all 5 times (creating 20 total voices) and allow for those voices to be detuned and spread to create supersaw type sounds. Here’s what a unison detune effect on chords sounds like (go to 0:15 to hear without the effect, and 0:22 to here the chords with the unison detune)Youtube Link

Is it Worth Adding?
I legitimately think adding this feature would positively effect sales to the point where it is worth adding. I can speak for plenty of other sinfonion (myself included) and harmonaig users who have been looking for a way to achieve a unison detune effect on 4 separate v/oct voices. The amount of times I’ve heard “if only the Qubit Chord had a supersaw/unison spread mode” might justify seriously considering this addition. The Acid Rain Chainsaw is the only other module with ‘super saw’ functionality, however, it lacks almost all of the other features that the Chord V2 brings to the table.

Here I’m going to lay out a few ways I could see this effect being implemented into the existing hardware. I’ll be working under a core assumption for this implementation: The Chord v2’s processor might struggle to produce 20 wavetable oscillators (4 voices each containing 5 spreadable oscillators). A far less computationally demanding ask is that this ‘unison detune’ mode does not use wavetables, and rather basic saw waves. This allow has the added benefit of freeing up the ‘waveform’ knob.
If I’m wrong, and the module can produce 20 wavetables all at different frequencies at the same time, great! But generally, producing 5 x 4 stardard saw waves should be far less computationally demanding.

I think the best way to go about implementing this mode is via a setting in the SD card’s .txt. That setting could look something like this “Supersaw mode channel:” The user can then enter a channel 1-8 that assigns that channel to supersaw mode.

When using the module, the user could then use the ‘bank’ knob to browse through banks at as they normally do with the Chord V2. When they reach the channel assigned to ‘supersaw’ mode, the ‘waveform’ knob becomes a ‘unison detune’ parameter, allowing users to spread the 5 saws assigned to each voice.

If 20 wavetables oscillators is possible and the ‘waveform’ knob maintains its original functionality of scanning wavetables, perhaps a button + knob combination could adjust the detune.

Qubit team, does this idea sound appealing? I’d really appreciate your feedback, and would like to know if you share my opinion that this feature is worth adding.

Thank you!

Thanks for the great idea and detailed explanation!

This would be an incredible addition to the Chord. I’m a little embarrassed we didn’t think of it during development. :laughing:

We’ll need to investigate whether or not we have the spare CPU cycles to implement this. And if not, maybe we can still create an alternate firmware that gets us most of the way there.

I’ll take this back to the team and we’ll let you know!



To start, this is really exciting to hear! I totally understand that you can’t commit to anything on this for now, as there are still tests and team discussions to be had, yet I’m really grateful you took the time to read my post.

I after making this post (but before your response), I shared the text of my above post in my sinfonion’s discord group asking if users would be interested in this feature and got a resounding, yes! I was surprised to hear that 2 users bought a ER-301 just to get unison supersaw/square/wavetable sounds with 4-chords! Another user echo’d that they’d bough the e370 just to get unison detune with 4 chords. Many more commented that they’d love this implementation. I won’t share any updates or further details with the group for now as to avoid setting an expectation of you or your team, but I felt that including these accounts might help your team gauge interest!

Thanks again!

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Oh, that sounds like a great feature indeed! I hope it does get implemented (if possible)